Cold Chain Technician Training

Client - Ministry of Health, Republic of Congo

Project Overview

This standard Dulas training programme has been developed to give Ministry of Health technicians a thorough understanding of how to install, operate, and maintain solar powered refrigerator systems supplied by Dulas. Candidates also learnt how to teach Public Health Unit (PHU) staff to use the solar refrigerator equipment. Successfully delivered in many countries around the world, this high quality training is an essential part of any robust cold chain.

Ministry of Health, Republic of Congo

Cold Chain Training Content

The first week of training is classroom-based and covers the theory of how a solar refrigerator works.
Lectures are combined with hands-on practical sessions that reinforce theory, teaching skills and techniques needed to successfully install the solar powered vaccine refrigerator system. A second week of practical training allows the technicians to gradually take charge of the installation process until they are leading the team. The training finishes with the technicians in the role of teacher, passing on their new knowledge to the PHU staff at the sites where they have just installed fridges.

Content of classroom sessions

  • Introduction and outline;
  • electrical fundamentals and use of multimeters;
  • PV fridge systems;
  • PV modules and arrays;
  • lead acid batteries;
  • charge controller;
  • lightning protection;
  • the Dulas VC150 refrigerator;
  • system installation and site practice;
  • system maintenance;
  • user training;
  • system fault finding.

Training locations

Brazzaville, Republic of Congo: 3 fridges installed at PHUs in Maitama, Nanga Lingolo and Mayanga.

"The whole course was great, especially the practical part and then having to teach others what we had learnt. I now feel very confident with the different technical aspects of installing and maintaining a fridge system."

Sosthene Mylandou


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