Solar Vaccine Fridge for Peruvian Jungle (sq)
Solar vaccine fridge arrival in remote location Solar panel on roof - Peru The Team from the rural health centre

Client: Ministry of Health, Peru


Project Overview

This wonderful project involved the supply of Dulas VC150 solar vaccine refrigerator systems for the Peruvian Ministry of Health. One of the systems was earmarked for an isolated health post in Buenas Lomas Nueva for the Matses tribe, living in a remote area of the Peruvian Amazon jungle and getting it there proved to be a real challenge with the fridge being transported by helicopter, boat and bamboo poles!

Once installed, the fridge provided a focal point for an education programme aided by the Swiss non-governmental organisation “Nouvelle Planete” set up to finance the Matse’s health worker’s training and education; skills are integral to survival in remote rural locations.

Dulas vaccine fridges provide quality and reliable storage for hundreds of life saving vaccines and immunisations for remote jungle communities living in inaccessible of-grid jungle locations.

The design, materials and electrical loads of Dulas vaccine fridges are very well thought out, making them easy to install and adapt to our clinic’s necessities.

Jan Heising
Physician and Health care worker

Key Features