Aucma CFD-50 Mains Powered Refrigerator

Aucma CFD-50 Mains Powered Refrigerator

The CFD-50 MetaFridge provides safe vaccine storage for health facilities, even in locations that may experience unstable or minimal mains power and extreme ambient temperatures. The robust design includes an integrated voltage stabilizer that protects MetaFridge from voltage spikes and brownouts that damage refrigerators.

Extensively tested ColdSafe technology keeps vaccines cold through multi-day power outages with no risk of freezing. The onboard MetaFridge information panel with integrated 30 DTR provides a range of alerts, including low remaining holdover time, to users and remote supervisors.

Features and Benefits
Technical Specification
  • 50 litre vaccine storage capacity
  • Keeps stable 2 to 8 °C storage with minimal power use
  • Five days of holdover at sustained ambient temperatures of 43 °C
  • Operates on less than three hours of power per day
  • Integrated protection from power spikes & brown-outs
  • Wild input voltage range: 82-290V
  • Electronic temperature display
  • Smart control via real-time data collection and analysis
  • Calculate and show remaining holdover time without power
  • 30 -day temperature record logs and displays alarms
  • Visual and audible alarms for improperly closed door or temperature excursions
  • Telemetry module enables remote temperature (also electrical data) monitoring and alerts.
  • Robust structure protects internal components
  • Handles allow for easy transport
  • Integrated plastic base prevents water corrosion
  • Tough grating prevents rodents from causing damage
  • Front opening for easy access
  • Manufactured in China
Net vaccine storage capacity: 50 litre
Climate zone: Hot Zone (+43⁰C)
Minimum rated ambient temperature: +10⁰C
Holdover time: 120 hours
Hours of electricity required to operate: <3 hours per 24hrs
External: 1588 x 545 x 655 mm
Shipping weight: 108 kg
Gross volume: 68 litre
Technical Details  
Operating voltage range: 82-290V
Operating frequency range: 50/60Hz
Refrigerant: R134a
WHO Pre-qualification  
PQS reference: E003/079

Download the CFD-50 Datasheet

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