Solar direct drive refrigerators

Solar Direct Drive - A new generation of refrigerator

Drawing on our three decades of experience in the solar refrigeration industry, the Dulas range of solar direct drive refrigerators are designed to be the most reliable vaccine storage solutions available on the market today. Our sophisticated control systems optimise performance in real world conditions, alleviating functionality concerns through rainy or dull periods. These conditions prove the worth of Dulas’ SDDs. Our refrigerators excel even on cloudy days and in fluctuating light levels.

All of our SDDs are equipped with Freeze-Free™ technology and are compatible with our revolutionary Solar Socket. Supplied with solar array sizes that far exceed the WHO PQS standards you can be confident that an SDD refrigerator from Dulas will work where others won’t. Click here to view our Solar Direct Drive datasheets

Direct drive refrigerators

Listening to customer feedback

Our development team fully understands the challenging environments that vaccine refrigerators need to operate in. Our new range incorporates our knowledge from thousands of installations around the globe. We have considered every possible requirement to ensure that the range is robust, easy to use and reliable. All our solar powered vaccine refrigerators exceed the stringent World Health Organisation PQS criteria which mean that you can rely on their performance, quality and safety.

  • British made
  • Freeze-free™ technology
  • Widest range of solar operating conditions
  • Designed for challenging environments
  • Exceptional energy efficiency & reliability


PCM Energy store

Using an advanced non-corrosive phase change material (PCM) for the energy store this unique liquid freezes and thaws at exactly +5°C. With an almost infinite cycle life and no requirement for supercooling, it is an ideal PCM for the cold chain.

100% Battery Free

The robust internal PCM store cannot be damaged by over discharging or charging of the system. With its long cycle life there is no need to replace this energy store.

Freeze-Free™ Technology

With a ground breaking phase change energy storage solution and multi temperature control, our SDD’s are designed to completely remove the risk of vaccine freezing. This far exceeds the requirements of the latest WHO freeze protection standards. All of our SDD products easily achieved Grade A user independent freeze protection.

Direct drive refrigerators

Widest range of solar operating conditions

To provide the high level of performance our customers expect, Dulas has developed an all new intelligent variable speed controller. This allows a single compressor to start with less than 50W of power available from the solar array. Using our standard 400W array, the refrigerator will operate with just 125W/m2 of solar radiation available. Extensive computer modelling shows that using our controller significantly extends the usability window of our SDD refrigerators, making them much more resilient in low sun conditions.

Reliable water pack freezing

With its high powered fan driven water pack freezer the VC150SDD is one of the only WHO accredited battery free water pack freezers available. Designed to be easy to use and avoid complicated loading procedures the VC150SDD can reliably provide you with frozen water packs ready for use each morning.

Direct drive refrigerators

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