Integrated Solar Harvesting with the Solar Socket

A simple add-on with extraordinary potential

Dulas’ new Solar Socket turns your SDD refrigerator into an energy source for a wide range of devices and equipment. Utilising surplus energy generated by the refrigerator, the Solar Socket makes the most of the photovoltaic system whilst remaining 100% safe and stable for vaccines. Our intelligent control system continuously varies the amount of energy available to the socket whilst prioritising vaccine storage at all times. The Solar Socket has two USB ports and one 12v cigarette lighter socket for multipurpose use.

Integrated Solar Harvesting with the Solar Socket
Solar socket- inbuilt refrigerator USB charger for mobile phones and laptops


This simple but effective product will empower any facility to offer so much more to their patients. Medical equipment, lamps and fans are now widely supplied with USB plugs and can be powered directly from the refrigerator. The Solar Socket is also ideal for charging a mobile phone which in turn can become a hand-held blood pressure or pulse monitor, a bank, a patient medication scheduler or quite simply, a lifeline to call out for help.

Reduce Wastage

Using the Solar Socket to charge a smart phone will make vaccination barcode scanning possible anywhere in the world. This will instantly facilitate better control of vaccines reducing waste, reducing costs and most importantly, saving lives.

Solar energy harvesting for mobile phone charging

You can depend on Dulas

The control system automatically senses when excess energy is available and turns the Solar Socket on. Should the sunshine reduce, the Solar Socket output is correspondingly reduced or turned off, always ensuring that the cooling system has priority over the available power. With absolutely no impact on the vaccine storage performance of the refrigerator, you can energise your health centre or vaccine clinic just by buying a Dulas refrigerator.

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