Cold chain temperature monitoring with Vaccine Guard

Securing your cold chain with remote temperature monitoring

Vaccine Guard is a self-contained wireless device used to record and report the temperature inside vaccine refrigerators, sending information to a simple dashboard that the customer can monitor. These are used in both static refrigerators and moving cold boxes. It’s vital that these refrigerators maintain an optimal temperature to preserve the potency of the vaccines. The Vaccine Guard automatically records and logs the temperature every ten minutes, and if the temperature varies from a specified range the Vaccine Guard immediately alerts the customer via SMS and/or email. Applying this technology to vaccine storage is a simple way to improve the reliability of the cold chain temperature monitoring, facilitating maintenance and ensuring fewer vaccines are spoiled.

Cold chain temperature monitoring with Vaccine Guard
Cold chain temperature monitoring with Vaccine Guard

Simple effective technology

The Vaccine Guard is simply installed by removing the plastic tag between the battery and the battery holder, and placing it in a convenient location within the refrigerator which is to be monitored. The customer can then create a Vaccine Guard Account, and register their device, which will allow them to access all the temperature records remotely via the secure web page. The securely stored results are accessible online in real time web based reports. Dulas has also introduced a mains powered version call the Vaccine Guard Advanced, which has increased functionality when deployed in static locations. Text alerts and email reports allow you to monitor your cold chain wherever you are.

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