VC60SDD Solar Direct Drive Combined Refrigerator Freezer

VC60SDD Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator and Freezer

The VC60SDD is a Solar Direct Drive combined vaccine refrigerator and water pack freezer. With a vaccine storage capacity of 57 litres and a freezer capable of storing 23 x 0.6 litre fully frozen water packs it is the perfect solution for small and mid-sized health facilities conducting outreach programmes.

The VC60SDD has been independently verified to deliver 4 x 0.6L fully frozen water packs each day (2.4kg of ice) even at +43C ambient making it easier to plan outreach activities.

Like all our SDD refrigerators the VC60SDD utilises our optimised solar technology to offer the perfect balanced of array size and autonomy, delivering exceptional reliability whatever the weather. Fully GAVI CCEOP compliant with the highest level of Grade A Freeze Protection and a +5C to +43C extended temperature operating range.

Features and Benefits
Technical Specification
  • 57 litre vaccine storage capacity
  • Water pack freezing capacity: 2.4 kg per 24 hrs
  • Water pack storage capacity: 23 x 0.6 litres
  • +5°C to +43°C extended operating temperature range
  • Works at WHO solar reference period 3.5kWh/m2/24h
  • 94h 11 min holdover
  • 82h 48min autonomy
  • Corrosion tested to DIN 8985
  • Inbuilt handle with lock
  • Inbuilt solar powered temperature display
  • All-metal, high strength hinges
  • Heavy duty castors to make handling easier
  • User-independent Grade A freeze protection
  • Completely battery free, with plug and play connectors for easy installation
  • Environmentally friendly: R600a refrigerant with low global warming potential and innovative insulation technology giving exceptional energy efficiency
  • Packaging tested to industry standardsTested to survive ambient storage temperatures up to +70°C
    Packaging tested to industry standards
  • Tested to survive ambient storage temperatures up to +70°C
  • Stacking baskets for easy-access stock management
  • British made
  • CFC free
Net vaccine storage capacity: 57 litre
Climate zone: Hot Zone (+43⁰C)
Minimum rated ambient temperature: +5⁰C
Holdover time: 94hr 11min
Autonomy time: 82hr 48min
Recommended solar array size: > 600Wp
External: 959 x 1282 x 740 (mm)
Shipping weight: 170 kg
Gross volume: 124 litre refrigerator
  24 litre freezer
Waterpack freezing capacity: 2.4kg at +43˚C
Waterpack storage capacity: 13.8 at 43° C
Technical Details  
Operating voltage: 24-45Vdc
Minimum starting voltage: 24Vdc
Minimum starting power 40W refrigerator
  40W freezer
Minimum solar radiation for continuous running: 125 W/m2 (using 600 Wp array)
Compressor: 2 x Danfoss / Secop BD35K
Refrigerant: R600a
WHO Pre-qualification  
Test procedure: E003/RF05.3-VP.3
Performance specification: E003/RF05.3
PQS reference: E003/084

Download the VC60SDD Datasheet

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