Our solar power solutions support primary healthcare and essential services in areas of unreliable or non-existent power networks. We have been supplying innovative solar power systems to some of the world's most challenging locations since 1982. Our first product combined highly efficient cooling technology with solar power to pioneer reliable solar powered refrigeration. This commitment to excellence and innovation is at the heart of every remote power solution we supply to locations across Africa, Asia, the Pacific Islands and Latin America. 

Vaccine storage

Even the most remote health clinics, hospitals and immunisation centres can store vaccines safely thanks to our range of ultra-reliable vaccine refrigerators

The range starts with a 37.5-litre capacity combined vaccine refrigerator and water pack freezer and includes the most advanced WHO pre-qualified solar direct drive refrigerators currently available. All of our vaccine refrigerators are accredited to World Health Organisation PQS standards.

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Solar Power Solutions
Solar Power Solutions

Blood banking

Our solar powered refrigerators are also designed to support life-saving blood storage in hospitals and clinics.

Equipped with temperature recording systems to provide peace of mind for clinicians, the Dulas series of specialist solar blood bank refrigerators range from a compact 68 litre capacity model to a 132 litre model which can store up to 120 blood bags.

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PV diesel hybrid systems

For buildings and organisations that have a large base-load energy demand and rely heavily on generators, our PV + diesel hybrid system can conserve resources and significantly reduce fuel bills.

The solution harnesses the power of the sun and integrates a solar PV array with your existing diesel system to reduce the day time load on the generator. Our sophisticated control system can save up to a third of your current fuel use with no impact on reliability.

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PV diesel hybrid systems
Solar Power Solutions

Problem solving with solar power

Solar power technology can be applied in a number of different ways to help hospitals, health centres, schools and other buildings overcome the challenge of sourcing reliable power in remote locations.

Our engineers are happy to work on unique, one-off projects if there is a viable solar power solution. You can see some of the problem-solving work we've done here - and challenge us to design a solution that meets your needs by getting in touch.

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