PV diesel hybrid system

Solar PV hybrid solutions can significantly reduce your fuel costs

Reduce your operating and maintenance costs with a PV-diesel hybrid system.


Projects are quick and easy to install, with comprehensive system solutions available providing multiple possibilities.  You can protect your business from volatile energy supplies and rising diesel costs with the optimum integration of solar PV into existing infrastructure.  With a reliable excellent service almost anywhere in the world you can ensure that you comply with co2 and other environmental regulations.

Industrial PV diesel hybrid system
Community scale PV diesel hybrid system

Homes and villages can also benefit from a solar PV diesel hybrid system. Up to 300kW can be supplied from a combination of different energy sources and intelligent energy management.

PV modules generate energy precisely where it is needed. In many locations solar and wind energy complement each other perfectly through the seasons.

A mineral or rapeseed-oil powered generator secures the system through long periods of drought, low winds or low solar irradiation.

Solar PV Diesel Hybrid Systems explained

A 'hybrid' system combines two kinds of components that produce the same or similar results. A Solar PV diesel hybrid system usually consists of a PV system, diesel gensets and intelligent management to ensure that the amount of solar energy fed inthe system matches the demand at that time. Villages and Industry using a hybrid system can save thousands of litres of diesel per year and reduce co2 emissions.

Solar PV Diesel Hybrid Systems explained

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