Solar power systems – Sustainable Energy for All

Providing power solutions to meet your needs

Dulas has been providing successful and effective solar power systems throughout the world since 1982 and are leaders in the renewable energy industry. With professional, high quality and superior components we are proud to state that in using a Dulas solar power system no school, hospital, clinic or health centre need be without electricity. Even the most remote location can be provided with equipment that will harness the natural energy from the sun and deliver a reliable, clean and low maintenance power solution.

Solar Power Systems- providing energy access for all

Dulas' solar solutions can be specifically devised to support key workers, cold chain technicians, doctors, nurses and teachers. These solar power systems can help with education, daily living, healthcare needs and remote working, harnessing the power of the sun to produce electricity where it is most needed.

Meeting your requirements and exceeding your expectations

We work closely with you to understand your energy requirements and specify the most appropriate technologies to help you to achieve a successful, well balanced solar power system.
Dulas' portfolio of solar power solutions includes:
• Standalone solar power systems
• Hybrid solar systems to work in conjunction with generator or grid
• Mini solar grid systems
• Solar back-up systems to cover your energy requirements when the grid is unavailable

 Meeting your requirements and exceeding your expectations

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