Vaccine storage

PQS certified solar refrigeration for vaccine storage in the cold chain

As a major supplier of solar medical refrigerators used in numerous successful national immunisation programs around the world we provide products accredited to the strict PQS standards set by the World Health Organisation. Having pioneered off-grid vaccine storage in the 80’s we now offer the most advanced range of solar powered refrigerators on the market. Meeting the stringent PQS standards while providing class leading cost per litre vaccine storage we are proud to play our part in the global fight against life threatening infectious diseases.

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Vaccine storage
Vaccine storage

Solar Direct Drive

Solar Direct Drive (SDD) is Dulas’ latest innovation in solar refrigeration. This new range of products uses a ground-breaking phase change energy storage solution instead of traditional batteries.
Inspired by over three decades of solar refrigerator manufacturing, this entirely battery free technological break-through heralds the next generation of solar refrigerators. Employing Freeze Free technology to completely remove the risk of vaccine freezing, the new Dulas SDD range reduces wastage and saves lives. As with all of our refrigerators, this new range is British made, CFC free, WHO PQS accredited and most importantly, provides reliable performance. Additionally, all of our SDD refrigerators are compatible with our revolutionary Solar Socket.

Meeting Your Every Need

Alongside our Direct Drive refrigerators, Dulas has a range of solar + battery and mains powered refrigerators to suit your environment or cold chain needs.

Preserving an unbroken cold chain through areas with minimal or absolutely no electricity is achievable with Dulas’ solar + battery range which includes the VC65-2 and VC150-2 vaccine refrigerators. Both of these models guarantee safe vaccine storage and also offer reliable water pack freezing making them ideal for outreach applications. These refrigerators feature independent freezer compartments and a durable sealed battery delivering continuous cooling to keep your vaccines safe. The Dulas solar power systems provide secure reliable energy from a five day holdover battery. Like all Dulas vaccine refrigerators they meet the stringent PQS standards while offering a very economical cost per litre of storage.

Vaccine storage

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