Worldwide Solar Vaccine Refrigeration Training

At Dulas, we equip our clients not only with the tools for success, but also the knowledge to sustain lasting change. We are committed to developing technology for use in remote regions across the globe and to support those facing obstacles created by economic or political factors, natural disasters or lack of existing infrastructure.

Our in-country solar refrigeration training covers the complete range of Dulas solar cold chain products. This commitment includes our work in technology transfer and building in-country capabilities. This solar training complements other types of vaccine logistic training as part of the cold chain - delivering life-saving knowledge to some of the world's most remote regions.

Features and Benefits
Technical Specification
Dulas provides comprehensive solar training, covering installation and maintenance of our entire range of solar refrigeration systems. We believe that this essential service helps our cold-chain clients to get the most from their investment, whilst prolonging the life of the system. Our solar training courses are delivered by experienced teaching staff and engineers, with the option of either a 10 day or tailored solar training program for optimum flexibility.
Solar Training Topics
  • System specification - reducing costs whilst maximising output
  • Solar refrigeration maintenance
  • Understanding electricity consumption
  • System installation
  • Individual component specifications
  • Troubleshooting
Module 1:
Fundamentals and PV Modules
Course objectives and structure
Fundamentals of electricity & use of multimeters
PV modules and arrays
PV module practical
Lightning protection
Test and discussion
Module 2:
Energy, Systems and Batteries
Lead acid storage batteries
Battery practical
PV fridge systems
Test and discussion
Module 3:
PV Controllers and Fridges
PV controller: Theory
PV controller: Practical
The VC65 Fridge
Test and discussion
Module 4:
Site Practice and User Training
(Two Days)
System installation and tool use
System maintenance
User training
System fault finding and repair
End of course test and discussion
Outstanding issues arising

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