Expertise & track record

30 years of successful solar power projects

Our thirty years of experience in the industry has taken us over diverse terrain and into all manner of challenging locations to successfully complete thousands of jobs. The experience accrued by our engineers during this time includes developing and implementing solar vaccine refrigerator installations, solar powered water pumping, cold chain technician training and other diverse projects such as designing solar powered medical oxygenators, solar installations and PV diesel hybrid systems.
Some of the projects we've delivered in key locations are listed below. For further information about our track record with solar power solutions, please see our case studies >

Benin: Solar fridges to support immunisation programme

Working alongside Agence de Médecine Préventive as part of the LOGIVAC project, we delivered solar powered refrigerators to serve the vaccine storage needs of health centres in Benin's Comé region. LOGIVAC is a programme to develop better health supply chains in sub-Saharan Africa, with a focus on improving immunisation.

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Peru: Vaccine storage in the Amazon rainforest

We supplied solar vaccine refrigerator systems to Peru's Ministry of Health. One of the systems was delivered to an extremely remote location - an isolated health post in Buenas Lomas Nueva set up for the Matsés tribe, deep in the Amazon rainforest.

This solar refrigerator provided a focal point for a programme to train and educate the Matsés health worker, supported by the Swiss non-governmental organisation Nouvelle Planete.

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Philippines: Vaccine fridges support aid for typhoon victims

Our solar powered vaccine refrigerators were chosen by the UK’s Department for International Development as part of the coordinated humanitarian response to the devastating Philippines typhoon.

Dulas systems were supplied to support vaccination efforts, with up to 800,000 people in the country potentially requiring access to temperature-sensitive medicines.

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Expertise & track record

Sierra Leone: Solar power for Lassa fever laboratory

We designed a solar power and battery back-up system for the Lassa fever lab at a health clinic in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The system was comprised of an 8.5Kw solar array with battery bank and inverter. A Dulas solar vaccine refrigerator system was also fitted as part of the project, with all equipment shipped to the site via sea freight.

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Republic of Congo: Cold Chain Technician Training

To support the solar refrigerator systems that we supplied to the country Dulas delivered our 2 week training course to give Ministry of Health technicians a thorough understanding of how to install, operate, and maintain their new solar powered Dulas refrigerators

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